Essential Guide to the Strategic Planning Process

Thank you for showing interest. Strategic planning maps out the initiatives and investment portfolios needed to achieve long-term strategic goals. Strategy implementation frequently takes too long and costs more than expected. With a concise plan that can be easily communicated to stakeholders, transform enterprise strategy into functional initiatives. Download this white paper to framework: Convert […]

Transform the Accounting Close Process with Digital Technologies

Corporate controllers that successfully adapt their close processes for digital have a 20% higher chance than their peers of achieving or exceeding their digital transformation goals, yet most close procedures are archaic, rigid, and unprepared for digitization. This whitepaper explains how corporate controllers should make the close process resilient instead of optimizing it for digital […]

Framework to build the foundation of a thriving API ecosystem

Drive top-tier consumer experience and digital growth in any environment with a thriving API ecosystem.

Modernizes New Business and Customer Experience Capabilities with KPMG and Unqork

The life insurance sector is currently experiencing rapid expansion, narrowing profit margins, rising client expectations, and growing competition. Insurance companies are quickly embracing digital transformation. Traditional systems frequently lack flexibility and connectivity and changing them can take months or even years. Underwriters frequently must operate across numerous different systems, which slows down time to market, […]

Gain Secured Access and Control Over Government Field Services

Apple solutions help government companies to improve fieldwork with devices that are easy to use, deploy, and manage at scale.

Save Costs and Enhance Revenue Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) ecosystem generates economic benefits for RHEL customers and generates other economic benefits.

How Machine Learning Can Help Solving Business Problems

Machine learning has developed into a significant value driver for many enterprises. More than two-thirds of companies who have completely used Machine Learning (MI) claim that the technology has improved decision-making, enhanced productivity and given them the freedom to experiment while reducing costs. Download this white paper and read the use cases that will help […]

8 Questions to Ask About Your Accounts Payable System

Thank you for showing interest. Choosing the best Accounts Payable (AP) system can be difficult. Numerous cloud vendors claim to “digitize everything” and streamline your processes. How do you decide which to consider and compare the differences? Download this white paper and explore 8 questions to ask about your organization’s AP system. Once you have […]

Accelerating Strategic Behaviors A Finance Leader’s Guide to Data Modernization

CFOs must manage and control an ever-expanding range of systems and technologies in order to succeed. Typically, people spend 80% of their effort analyzing and preparing data. This leaves little time for forensic investigation. With new goals and pressure, finance leaders need to take a giant step beyond the spreadsheet. Explore this eBook, and learn […]