See Nuance DAX in action

Thank you for showing interest. Watch the on‑demand demo and explore how you can automatically document patient encounters securely, accurately, and efficiently at the point of care with the Dragon® Ambient eXperience™ (DAX). Nuance DAX, an AI-powered, voice-enabled, ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution, empowers clinicians to automatically document patient encounters accurately and efficiently at the […]

Best Connected Brewer An Integration Story of Heineken

Thank you for showing interest. When the Dutch brewer HEINEKEN aimed to remain green year after year, it knew “connectivity” was the biggest piece of the puzzle. Because, how else could they have connected a worldwide network of brewers, customers, and business partners? The solution came when HEINEKEN and IBM collaborated to redevelop an robust […]

Are Your Phishing Security Tests Effective Enough?

Mishandling of big data in today’s complex digital environment can result in massive loss to companies. It can be stolen credentials, phishing, misuse or simply errors, people remain to be a major part of unknowingly causing data incidents and breaches. The phishing problem is huge. So, how do we overcome the problem and practice security […]

Opt for the Most Tactical Security Program with KnowBe4

Cybercriminals are using sophisticated tools to hack into your organization’s data. But your employees still remain the weakest link in network security. Hence, it’s pivotal that they be trained to make your organization’s security their top priority. KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform with tens of thousands of […]

Immunize Your Organization from the Ransomware Virus

Cyber-criminals have become very sophisticated about ransomware attacks. In the early days, hackers mostly targeted consumers, and the ransomware would encrypt immediately upon executing. However, now hackers have learned that they can make more money by targeting businesses. They gauge your organization’s potential, taking time to attack and then wait for the payoff. Under the […]

Understanding Phishing For Robust Cybersecurity

Having a strong cybersecurity strategy in place at your organization is of vital importance. Phishing remains the most common form of attack and it is important to continually measure risk at your organization, to stay one step ahead of the attackers. You need to train yourself and your team members on how to spot threats […]

A Data-Driven Strategy To Cybersecurity

Did you know that 88% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack? Traditional approaches to securing your computer systems and digital assets are not enough in today’s technologically advanced threat landscape. Inefficient cybersecurity measures do not comprehensively assess the risk profile at organizations. KnowB4’s security solutions enable you to better evaluate and […]

Building Your Security Awareness Training Program

In the past, organizations have deployed security awareness programs only when necessary. Today, staying aware 24×7 has become vital to the survival of the business. You selected security resources should be affordable, flexible, and easy to implement, to save your IT team valuable time. KnowB4’s customized automated security awareness program, ASAP that allows IT professionals […]

Automating Single Source of Truth Using MuleSoft And Salesforce CDP

Having a business in the digital space is no easy task. It might make things easy and convenient, but your customer experience can take a hit. You as a business will have to work harder to make your customer feel more like a human than a number on an analytics page. In our webinar, we […]

Your Guide to Using Third-Party Data Effectively

Thank you for showing interest. There’s more data available than you’re using. If you’re heavily relying on data today, you must be able to use first-, second-, and third-party data effectively to manage business decisions and achieve desired outcomes. In this on-demand webcast, get closer to understanding data and how it helps you spot risks […]

Not Seeing the Right Outcome? Change Your Third-Party Data Strategy

Thank you for showing interest. Data can help you achieve expected outcomes, if only you have a reliable source, and the insights are connected. Today’s disruptions require businesses to adapt quickly and leverage (first, second, and third-party) data to find loopholes as well as improve business performance. In this webinar, you’ll get more closer to […]

Are You Using Third-Party Data, in Your Consumer Marketing Strategy

Thank you for showing interest. Quality third-party data is helping marketers create exceptional experiences for their customers. The question is, “Are you able to do the same?” AWS Data Exchange is helping leaders of several industries identify their “right” customers with personalized context, thanks to complete collection of data sets of each profile. To discuss […]