A Luminary in the Financial Industry Warns of the “Biggest Bank That Is Going Down”

"The biggest bank that's going to go down is Bank of Japan," Kiyosaki explained. "Because the Bank of Japan carried the interest rates at, what, zero or whatever they did, [and] financed the derivatives markets.

After the SVB Collapse, Deposits at Small U.S. Banks Fell by a Historic Amount

Deposits at small U.S. banks dropped by a record amount following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10, data released on Friday by the Federal Reserve showed.

Yellen Is in a Difficult Position, As She Must Appease Both the Financial Markets and the US Congress

For the fourth time in a week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took a microphone on Thursday aiming to reassure Americans that the U.S. banking system is safe, each time with a subtle shift in message.

John J. Erdmann Named CFO of US Consumer Bank and Barclays Bank Delaware by Barclays

Barclays today announced the appointment of John J. Erdmann as Chief Financial Officer for Barclays US Consumer Bank and Barclays Bank Delaware (BBDE).

Financial Markets Throughout the World Jolted by Switzerland’s Credit Suisse Rescue

Days before a hastily convened press conference late on Sunday that would make the world’s front pages, Switzerland’s political elite were secretly preparing a move that would jolt the globe.

To Relieve the Banking Crisis, Central Banks Have Announced Dollar Liquidity Initiatives

The Federal Reserve and 5 different main central banks have taken contemporary measures to enhance international entry to dollar liquidity as monetary markets reel from the turmoil hitting the banking sector.

The Global Financial Community Is Confident That It Can Overcome Market Obstacles and Create a Stronger, Tech-Driven, Sustainable Future Economy

The second edition of the Financial Sector Conference (FSC 2023) has concluded in Riyadh, with a mood of optimism and energy to overcome market challenges to build a stronger, technology driven and sustainable economy of the future.

Pension Funds Report Significant Losses in the Wake of Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure

An Ohio public pension fund for teachers revealed it lost millions by holding more than $27 million in Silicon Valley Bank shares before the bank’s collapse.

Credit Acceptance Reports That a $400 Million Asset-backed Financing Has Been Completed

Credit Acceptance Corporation (Nasdaq: CACC) (the “Company”, “Credit Acceptance”, “we”, “our”, or “us”) announced today the completion of a $400.0 million asset-backed non-recourse secured financing (the “Financing”).

Equities Soar, Bond Yields Decrease, and Bank Stocks Decline As a Result of the SVB Collapse

U.S. stocks finished Monday mixed as volatile trading gripped Wall Street after federal banking regulators took aggressive actions to stem the fallout of Silicon Valley Bank's failure.

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