How to Use Pivot Technique in Your Startup?

The pivot technique is an effective strategy for reducing risk in startups. Allowing experimentation, identifying new opportunities, minimizing sunk costs, and increasing agility.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business During Economic Downturn?

Although economic downturns are transient, the effects they have on your firm may persist for a while.

The Role of Big Tech in Shaping the Economy

The utilization of big tech in the economy is driving innovation, shaping consumer behavior, and influencing policymaking.

How Is Gig Economy Shaping the Future of Work

To address the issues of income instability and lack of protection for freelancers, policymakers can consider creating a portable benefits system.

Role of Digital Infrastructure in Socio-Economic Growth

Countries that invest in digital infrastructure are likely to experience significant socio-economic benefits. Therefore, governments, businesses, and individuals should prioritize the development of digital infrastructure to unlock its full potential.

How Gig Economy Helps Small Businesses

Gig workers represent a diverse pool of professional skills, backgrounds, and experiences.