Why Legal Should Drive Contract Management

Are you ready to drive business success through the digital transformation of contracts and agreements within your legal department? Download the eBook and explore the benefits of adopting a fully integrated digital agreement platform, which can unlock three key advantages: Guided workflow acceleration: streamline contract completion and drive value across multiple teams by leveraging a […]

A 10-Step Guide to an Efficient Vendor Invoice Process

Are outdated processes hindering your AP team from reaching their full potential? It’s time to break free from manual tasks and embrace a more strategic role in your business. This comprehensive 10-step guide is designed to help you reimagine the end-to-end AP process. Discover practical insights, industry best practices, and actionable tips to enhance efficiency […]

Implementing search for your knowledge base

Implementing powerful search for your knowledge base is easy to understand in theory but can be intimidating in practice. Companies are targeting to increase in site traffic and reduce phone inquiries. Through planning, implementation, testing and maintenance, companies can now enable powerful strategies to unlock all possibilities for effective search, such as fewer inbound support […]

Two truths, one lie

Get the insider perspective on digitalization and how digital transformation is not hard to deploy and implement. See how you can leverage these trends to your advantage and have a digitally sound business and reap the profits. In this eBook, you will get the 2 Truths and 1 Big lie about supply chain management and […]

OnProcess Enables $500K in Savings with an Employee Equipment Recovery Program

A large international company headquartered in France with 420,000 employees and over $7 billion in revenues is facing challenges due to having such a large, remote workforce. Main priority for the business is attracting great talent, regardless of where that talent resides, resulting around 60% of their workforce working from their home-office. A standalone technology […]

API-Driven Transformation

Discover how APIs are revolutionizing the manufacturing value chain. Our asset explores the transformative power of APIs in optimizing processes, enhancing collaboration, and driving innovation. Unleash the potential of seamless data exchange across systems, suppliers, and partners. Embrace the future of manufacturing with APIs to gain a competitive edge and transform your value chain.

Why ESG matters more than ever

Why ESG Matter now! As the world becomes more connected than ever, it is important for businesses to focus on their consciousness and how they can make decisions that help them have a better outlook. See why ESG metrics can be a great starting point for a business to increase its humanitarian quotient and show […]

Data Innovators Guide – Taking Data to the Next Stage

In today’s economic climate, capitalizing on your data is more critical than ever. But how can you navigate the complexities of data innovation and create a competitive advantage? Access the CIO e-book from HPE and determine your position on the Data Innovator Scale. This e-book provides insights into how to bring your data innovation to […]

Using Data Lakehouse For Better Business Practices

Thank you for showing interest. Data Lakehouse provides flexibility and an all-in-one solution to data storage. They are a novel way to store data that combines principles of BI, AI frameworks, Python, SQL, and more to give a holistic solution for your data-related problems. Use this to make better decisions that are backed by data […]

Transform Your Data Storage with Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Thank you for showing interest. Looking to simplify your data storage and management? Look no further than Databricks Lakehouse Platform for Dummies. Discover the lake house architecture that enables all analytics workloads from BI to data science and machine learning. With SQL and performance capabilities, direct file access, and native support for Python and AI […]

Unleash the Power of Technology in Retail Planning Today

Retailers are facing unprecedented challenges, including supply chain disruption, changing consumer expectations, and an uncertain economic landscape. To add to this, retailers must adapt to support customers facing financial difficulties. In such a dynamic environment, merchandise planning has become crucial. Retail Systems and Board surveyed 100 retail decision-makers in the UK and EMEA on the […]

Maximize the Power Of Your Core Financial System

Great financial planning doesn’t end at submissions and reimbursement of expenses. They bring total visibility into all ‘spend’ data, save your team time, keep your organization functioning at the highest level, and do a lot more while meeting policy compliance and budget constraints. For healthcare, the scenario is no different. Your healthcare stakeholders need an […]