Unlocking the Trends & Challenges in Customer Service

Salesforce Research surveyed over 7,700 sales professionals across the globe for the 5th edition of the “State of Sales” report. It reveals how sales organizations are maximizing value during economic headwinds, meeting changing buyer expectations, and using sales operations as a strategic partner in business success. Additionally, enablement tactics are used to turn all reps […]

Revolutionize Sales Strategy with Insights on Sales Operations and Tools

Gone are the days when sales reps who landed the biggest deals were hailed as heroes. It’s not just about growth anymore. Now, the focus is on achieving targets and delivering success as a team while keeping costs low. This is where the role of sales operations comes in; they are now more critical than […]

Select the Ideal Digital Forensic Platform

Download this report as it outlines several key platform issues that the law enforcement community should consider as they develop and optimize their digital forensic capabilities.

Why DOOH Has Seen A Resurgence In Recent Times

Having a programmatic DOOH advertising strategy helps you maximize your brand awareness and reach new audiences in a short time span. By choosing the right locations you can create a curated experience with the advertising itself. In this report, you can see how such a DOOH can give you greater control while reducing the strategy […]

Dell Technologies Powers AI and Edge Computing

Thank you for showing interest. Cloud adoption has been on the rise for decades and has now reached a level where we don’t see any ‘non-cloud’ IT environment around. While no industry stands exception to this trend, the government sector is getting on to the track on par with others in cloud implementation. The result […]

Cloud Solutions Accelerate Media and Entertainment Innovation

As consumers get more accustomed to the convenience of streaming platforms, creators need to meet the shortened deadlines and reduce the time to market while maintaining the quality. With such an increase in demand, content creators need access to advanced cloud technologies that can expedite the creation and distribution process. Cloud technologies enable media and […]

Capturing Market Share Is Still Possible

According to research by CFO Research and Globalization Partners, most CFOs are continuing to move forward with plans for new or expanded international operations despite this year’s rapid economic changes. What new challenges posed by global expansion still need to be resolved to succeed in the new global economic environment? Results of the survey will […]

How to Build a Winning Application Modernization Strategy

Content provided by IBM® Thank you for showing interest. Businesses everywhere feel the need for digital transformation—whether that’s to stay competitive, launch new services, comply with regulations, control costs, deliver better experiences, or respond to many other pressures. To be effective, digital transformation needs a guiding strategy, and application modernization must be a key part […]

Get the Most from Your Cloud

Thank you for showing interest. Firms need hybrid solutions to deliver the digital transformation goals they are working toward. Most organizations are already using a mix of traditional infrastructure and cloud resources, but improvements are needed to optimize application workloads on the right platform to drive greater effectiveness and use the cloud to its fullest […]

The Top HR Trends and Priorities | 2023

What are the top HR priorities for 2023? Gartner polled over 850 HR leaders from 60 countries and across all major industries to identify HR trends and assess HR priorities and anticipated challenges for 2023. The effectiveness of leaders and managers is at the top of the list, but other priorities include change management, employee […]

Use Enterprise Data Strategy to Build a Holistic Approach Toward Data

Thank you for showing interest. Data needs to be empowered. Today’s many IT decision makers and businesses are scrambling through to find the idea approach that can help them capture, store, analyze and predict data. Enterprise data strategy is a holistic approach that enables organizations to optimize their data while generating maximum annual profit growth. […]

A Five-Point Checklist to Expedites Operations for Asset-Intensive Industries

Thank you for showing interest. How can your organization such as Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, etc., harness optimized capital projects and asset information management to improve operational risk management? Organizations that adopt holistic EAM (enterprise asset management) solutions have reported intelligent and productive operations. Plus, they are not spending hours on complex documentation. This checklist will […]