Apply Seven Principles of SCM for Better Resilience

One of the best ways to achieve that is to employ the seven principles of supply chain management and to utilize technology to support each principle to create a more resilient supply chain.

5 Strategies To Optimize Financial And Operating Models

Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are looking to disrupt their markets with non-traditional digital, subscription, project, and service-based business models.  With the introduction of service-based business models, companies can create renewable and predictable revenue. These new models can build loyal, long-term relationships with customers by engaging customers in new ways.  Microsoft Dynamics […]

Why You Must Deploy A Cloud Accounting Software

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges and need technology to better understand their practice and succeed in the future. As the need to use Protected Health Information (PHI) to understand the health of practices grows, so does the need to maintain HIPAA compliance and keep PHI secure—including in your accounting system. At Sage Intacct, we’re passionate […]

Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management

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