Top 3 Strategies to Drive Transformative Business

Download this guide to understand how you can implement impactful strategies to accelerate growth and drive success in the current data-driven business.

4 Actions to Drive Digital Initiatives Successfully

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Capabilities To Build an Agile, Secure and Productive Contact Center

This guide explores the evolution and challenges of contact centers and how they are evolving with the deployment of the right tools to drive innovation, business growth and improve customer experiences.

Foursquare + AWS: Point-of-Interest Data Optimization

Cloud Native Location Solutions for travel, lodging and OTAs can help them fill the gaps in POI (point-of-interest) data, recommend nearby bars, restaurants and other attractions for travelers, and showcase rich content (e.g., photos, reviews, tips, trends) by venue to your customers.

Resolve Major Hybrid Cloud and Edge Challenges with AWS

Scaling the potential of cloud services is crucial for successful optimization of solutions in the hybrid cloud environment. As companies shift from on-premises infrastructure to cloud, they also require focusing on reducing the costs and improving flexibility. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer solutions to the major challenges of complex infrastructure by deploying applications in locations […]

Help Your Risk Management Program Govern the Entire ESG Program

This guide helps you understand how to govern an entire ESG program with more transparency and view into the current ecosystem.

A Guide to Successful MDM Implementation Process

Master Data Management (MDM) helps organizations to enhance targeting efforts, unleash cost savings, and improve operational returns for your business.

Target More Than Just Basic Cloud Benefits with SaaS PLM

Cloud SaaS enables the companies a modern outlook with full featured PLM capabilities to improve agility, speed, collaboration, performance, availability, and security and simultaneously reduce cost, time to value, risk, and IT overhead.

Mitigate IT Risks and Disruptions with Improved Security

Download a copy of “Accelerating IT Modernization with Server Refresh” and accelerate digital transformation.

Driving Today’s Fast Workforce with Fast Devices

Flexible workforce is a big challenge. Not only do you need to ensure your workforce gets what they need, but also meet productivity, security, and other expectations set. Plus, this is not a temporary thing; hybrid work is here to stay. The good news is that advanced and smarter solutions are now available to meet […]

Flexible Solutions Built to Power Your Smarter Hybrid Work World

Collaboration is always essential for innovation – especially in today’s times where the paradigm has completely altered and there is an unprecedented shift to hybrid work. Reinventing the workplace is a priority and organizations must adapt to tools and designs that fuels collaboration. While most organizations are still catching up, leaders are already there with […]

The Buyers Guide to Finance_ HR_ and Payroll Solutions

Your firm may streamline processes and increase agility with the aid of the proper financial management, HR, and payroll tools, but transitioning between systems is frequently a difficult undertaking.  Make a case for change by using the opinions of hundreds of customers to inform this buyer’s guide:  Define your business drivers Identify your business requirements […]