Experts Caution That the Fed’s Plan to Raise Rates Might Put the US Economy in a “Very Dire Situation”

While some of America’s top banking CEOs discuss a new rescue plan and the Federal Reserve kicks off its two-day meeting.

The Failure of Silicon Valley Bank Was a “Lehman Moment for Technology,” According to a Prominent Dealmaker at Goldman Sachs

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was a “Lehman moment” for the technology industry, according to a top Goldman Sachs deal-maker.

TikTok CEO to Inform Congress That Banning Apps Will Harm the American Economy

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will tell lawmakers Thursday that banning the app in the U.S. would hurt American businesses and the country’s economy, according to newly released remarks prepared for his testimony before Congress.

BYD Cuts Shifts at Its Two Chinese Electric Vehicle factories, According to Sources

BYD has reduced shifts at two auto assembly plants in China, people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters, in a sign of how weaker demand in the world’s largest auto market is affecting its best-selling electric vehicle brand.

A Recent Survey by Flywire Found That Financial Professionals Consider ERP Integrations As Key to Streamlining B2B Payments

A recent survey of 250 finance professionals commissioned by Flywire (Nasdaq: FLYW), a global payments enablement and software company, found that as finance professionals increasingly rely on their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for financial data, there’s an opportunity to integrate their ERPs with payment software to improve how their businesses gets paid.

Financial Markets Throughout the World Jolted by Switzerland’s Credit Suisse Rescue

Days before a hastily convened press conference late on Sunday that would make the world’s front pages, Switzerland’s political elite were secretly preparing a move that would jolt the globe.

A Morgan Stanley Strategist Claims That Bank Stress Indicates bear Market End

Morgan Stanley’s Michael Wilson said the stress in the banking system marks what’s likely to be a painful and “vicious” start of an end to the bear market in US stocks.

European Stocks Remain Volatile Amid Mining and Utilities Are Leading Advances As Credit Suisse-UBS Declines

European stock markets closed higher Monday as investors digested news of UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse.

To Relieve the Banking Crisis, Central Banks Have Announced Dollar Liquidity Initiatives

The Federal Reserve and 5 different main central banks have taken contemporary measures to enhance international entry to dollar liquidity as monetary markets reel from the turmoil hitting the banking sector.

SVB Finance Files for Bankruptcy Protection in Order to Reorganize

Even with turmoil in the banking industry and uncertainty ahead, the Federal Reserve likely will approve a quarter-percentage-point interest rate increase next week, according to market pricing and many Wall Street experts.

Saudi Venture Capital Introduces a Brand-New Investment Offering

Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC) has announced the launch of a key product, in partnership with Capital Market Authority (CMA) and Financial Sector Development Program.

The Global Financial Community Is Confident That It Can Overcome Market Obstacles and Create a Stronger, Tech-Driven, Sustainable Future Economy

The second edition of the Financial Sector Conference (FSC 2023) has concluded in Riyadh, with a mood of optimism and energy to overcome market challenges to build a stronger, technology driven and sustainable economy of the future.