Get Out the Vote with Election Centre

Get Out the Vote with Election Centre

In years past, companies looked at elections with scepticism. Getting involved meant alienating stakeholders. It was often safer to stay silent.

Not anymore. Today, research shows that Americans trust employers and top executives as a reliable source of information, and they want to hear from them on policy and elections.

Our latest guide, GOTV for Corporations, explains how your company can launch successful, nonpartisan get-out-the vote (GOTV) efforts, help your employees participate in the election and build a more effective grassroots program.

The guide covers:

  • What major companies are doing to address the election?
  • How to create a voter engagement program for your employees that develops into an enduring asset
  • How a GOTV Election Centre, text messaging and other tools can help in an election year
  • How your program can use more sophisticated tactics, before and after the election

This year’s election will decide almost 7,000 state and federal seats nationwide, in a landscape where voting rules are changing. Voters will need reliable information. Download the guide and learn how your company can be part of the solution.

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