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Driving the acceptance of AI for financial crime prevention

Driving the acceptance of AI for financial crime prevention

It can be difficult to make the switch to AI-enabled financial crime prevention. According to 84% of CEOs who responded to a recent PwC survey, judgements made with AI must have an explanation before they can be trusted. This is especially true in the highly scrutinized regulatory environment of financial crime compliance.

This white paper is intended to assist organizations in considering the typical issues and factors related to the implementation of AI in the fight against crime.

This whitepaper will teach you: how to:

  • Obtain early support from stakeholders
  • Throughout the model development process, record choices and testing to fulfil regulatory inspection and committee evaluations.
  • Keep your model validation current and comprehend the significance of doing so.
  • Keep an eye on AI models to have a thorough understanding of estimations and measurements.

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