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The Future Of AI Could Make Credit Scores Obsolete

Around one in four American adults are underbanked, meaning they are underserved by traditional finance and rely on high-fee alternative financial systems. Underbanked Americans...

How Investors Should Prepare For Market Correction

After more than a decade of robust stock market gains, it’s worth reminding yourself that market corrections are an inevitable part of investing. Stock...

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How To Plan Your Crypto Investment In 2022

With more than 16000 digital assets floating in the market it has become difficult to understand and compare the profitability and investment scope in...

5 Types of Financial Frauds That Cost People a Lot of Money in 2021

2021 has witnessed crimes of all sorts. Here are 5 types of financial frauds that terrorized common people like you and me, pushing us to stay alert.

How Oil and Gas Prices Affect the Way We Look at Global Economy

When gas prices rise, it can be a drag on the economy, impacting everything from consumer spending to the price of airline tickets to hiring practices. 

What Is Sustainable Finance?

Sustainable finance refers to any form of financial service that integrates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects into business or investment decisions. Sustainable finance is...

How the Russian-Ukraine War is Causing Major Economic Headache to the World

The impact is expected to be more prevalent in Europe, which is more closely tied to Russia’s economy.

The Current State of Global Chip Shortage, and Its Economic Impact

What is actually at stake here is science and innovation.

Public Policy And Its Impact On Economic Growth

The governments of emerging economies have tried different policy agendas to facilitate development, enhance growth, eradicate poverty, and achieve many such goals crucial to...

How Generation Z Feels About Credit Cards

Generation Z is rather cautious about using credit facilities offered by financial institutions and banks. The fear of spending money they do not have...