Price Of Oil Fuels Inflation, But Shows Economy Is Bouncing Back

If one has any doubt that commodity markets are cyclical, they need only look at what’s been happening with oil prices.

Gulf Economies to Grow Faster in 2022, Oil Price Fall Biggest Threat

The economies in the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council will grow at their fastest paces in several years, according to a Reuters poll of economists who cautioned the risk to that outlook was skewed to the downside.

OPEC Official Hits at ‘Misguided’ Efforts to Pare Oil and Gas

Where environmentalists at COP26 warned of a climate catastrophe, oil and gas executives forecast uncertain energy security and supply without their products.

Texas Is Producing the Most Oil in the Country — And Using the Most Gasoline, Too

The number of active drilling rigs in Texas is rising, but gas prices have been going up as well.

U.S. Expected to Announce Diplomatic Boycott of the Winter Olympics in Beijing

A diplomatic boycott would mean that no U.S. government officials would attend the games but that U.S. athletes would still be allowed to compete.

Rivian About To Surpass GM As Second Most Valuable US Carmaker

Rivian Automotive, a company that went public a day ago and hopes to produce 1,000 electric vehicles by the end of the year, will surpass General Motors to become the nation’s second most valuable automaker if an overnight surge in the price of its shares holds. The California company’s market valuation exceeded Ford’s in its […]

US-Based Meta Company To Sue Facebook for Infringing Upon Its Name

In an interesting turn of events, a Chicago-based tech firm called Meta Company is going to court against Facebook, saying the social network stole its name and “livelihood” after it rebranded its name to Meta. In a statement, Meta Company Founder Nate Skulic said that when Facebook failed to buy them, it aimed to “bury” […]

Gulf Economies to Pick Up Speed Next Year, With Fall in Oil Prices Biggest Risk

The oil-rich region will benefit from an increased COVID-19 vaccination rate, rising oil prices, and easing of lockdown restrictions this year and next, the poll suggested.