Government Wary As WHO Confirms Omicron Community Spread

With Omicron cases rising in India Dr. V.K. Paul, a member, NITI Aayog, expressed concern that available vaccines may become ineffective against emerging variants.

Democrats’ Out-Of-Control Spending Is the Wrong Way to Grow the Economy

Inflation is an invisible tax on all Americans, and it especially hurts seniors living on a fixed income.

Consumers Spent More in July as Government Payments Boosted Incomes

A closely watched inflation measure rose as spending and incomes increased.

G-7 Countries Agree To Infrastructure Project Rivaling China’s ‘Belt And Road’

Leaders of the Group of Seven countries will undertake a U.S.-led infrastructure project for developing nations to rival China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

G-7 Leaders to Pledge 1 Billion Doses of COVID Vaccines to Low-income Nations

The pandemic is front and center in the discussions of the G-7 leaders, whose three-day summit is being held in Cornwall, England.

G-7 Nations to Share 1B COVID-19 Vaccine Doses With the World

The Group of 7 nations is set to commit to sharing at least 1 billion coronavirus shots with the world, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

CEOs and Investors Push World Leaders for Stronger Climate Action

A group of 79 company bosses and investors managing $41 trillion issued separate calls on Thursday for world leaders to accelerate action on climate change by enacting more ambitious policies in areas including carbon pricing. In an open letter to all governments as leaders of the G7 group of industrialized nations meet in Britain, and […]

Biden Revokes and Replaces Trump Executive Orders That Banned TikTok

Biden signed an executive order that sets criteria for the government to evaluate the risk of Chinese-owned sites like TikTok and WeChat.

Google Fined €220M in France Over Advertising Abuse

Technology giant Google has been fined €220m (£189m) by French authorities for abusing its advertising power.

US Report Concludes COVID-19 May Have Originated From Wuhan Lab

US officials have accused China of a lack of transparency on the virus’ origin, a charge Beijing has denied.

G7 Nations Reach ‘Historic’ Agreement on Global Corporate Tax

The G7 nations to reform the global tax system to make tech giants shell out a higher fiscal contribution in countries where they do business.