Government Wary As WHO Confirms Omicron Community Spread

With Omicron cases rising in India Dr. V.K. Paul, a member, NITI Aayog, expressed concern that available vaccines may become ineffective against emerging variants.

Starbucks Posts Record Quarterly Sales Thanks to US Business

Strong U.S. sales helped make up for weakness in other markets in Starbucks’ fiscal fourth quarter.

Cigarette Sales in America Were Falling. Then COVID Hit

Cigarette sales in America last year rose for the first time in two decades, a new report from the Federal Trade Commission says.

SME Borrowing Hit by New Accounting Rules

Changes to global financial reporting regulations are affecting credit access for millions of companies around the world.

Indian Economy Sees Record Growth During Deadly Wave

India’s economy rebounded at a record rate in the three months to the end of June even as a devastating second wave of Covid-19 hit the country.

UK Announces Five New COVID-19 Vaccine Research Projects

The projects will receive a total of over £4 million from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

China’s Changing Role in the World Economy

The pace of the global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is slow. Reopening an economy happens in stages but it can only happen once.

IIM-A Survey Finds Sales Improving but Margins Shrinking for Businesses

The survey highlighted that there was a marginal improvement in sales expectations observed in May 2021. But that was offset by an increase in costs.

Global Cloud Spending Boomed in Q1, Surpassed Non-Cloud, IDC Says

Enterprises spent big on cloud infrastructure – $15.1 Billion in the first quarter of 2021, (DC said in its latest tracker.

China’s Economy Sees New Pockets of Growth in Rising Shopping Trends

Chinese brands were able to adapt more quickly to local trends than foreign brands last year, as per the “China Shopper Report.”

U.S. Trade Representative Tai to Hold Talks in Britain Next Week

“The summit will underscore our commitment to a strong Transatlantic partnership based on shared interests and values,” USTR said in a statement.

G-7 Leaders to Pledge 1 Billion Doses of COVID Vaccines to Low-income Nations

The pandemic is front and center in the discussions of the G-7 leaders, whose three-day summit is being held in Cornwall, England.