U.S. Treasury Yields Move Higher As Investors Monitor Economic Data, Fed Speeches

U.S. Treasury yields were higher on Friday, as market participants assessed the prospect of major central banks implementing further interest rate hikes to curb soaring inflation.

Recent Economic Projects Bring New Jobs to Area

In 2021, the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce announced several large economic projects that were set to take place in the coming months. Now in 2022, these projects are starting to wrap up.

Government Bonds Rally on Fears of Global Economic Slowdown

Disappointing eurozone business activity data and comments from Federal Reserve chair add to cloudy outlook.

Volatile Economic Data Is Harder To Interpret

In normal times, determining the direction of the U.S. economy through the interpretation of economic indicators is straightforward. However, soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and increased ambiguity in the economy right now make it harder to interpret the details of the economic data. Economists typically consider a wide array of economic data when making projections […]

Sri Lankan Prime Minister: Island’s Economy ‘Has Collapsed’

Sri Lanka’s debt-laden economy has “collapsed” after months of shortages of food, fuel and electricity.

Western Sanctions Are ‘Weaponizing’ World Economy, China’s Xi Jinping Tells BRICS Summit

Chinese leader Xi Jinping set the tone for a virtual summit with leaders from major emerging economies in a pointed speech Wednesday evening, in which he decried sanctions as “weaponizing” the global economy and urged unity in the face of financial challenges. Xi, who spoke at a business forum ahead of the virtual summit Thursday […]

Crown Prince’s Jordan Visit ‘To Bolster Economic, Political Cooperation, Arab Unity’

An EU-style common market, talks on Palestine, Israel and Iran, vital for regional growth and security, say officials.

Biden Economic Adviser Says Build Back Better Is ‘Smart Economic Policy Right Now’

Rouse was asked if focusing on Build Back Better and spending more money was ‘tone deaf’.

Report: Local Economy Continues to Grow Despite Inflation’s Presence

Clear majority in poll predict UK recession, see pound sinking

CNN Economic Analyst Says in Order to Have a ‘kinder’ Economy, Inflation Needs to Occur

The New York Times published a new episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” on Friday featuring an interview with Rana Foroohar, CNN’s global economic analyst and a Financial Times columnist. In the interview, Foroohar called for a ‘kinder’ and more environmentally friendly economy, and said inflation must occur in the short term to achieve those […]

Bitcoin Inches up Above Psychological Threshold of $20,000

The price of a bitcoin has inched above $20,000 after the broader crypto selloff dragged it below the psychological threshold a day earlier.

Un Urged to Impose Travel Ban on Taliban Leadership Over Oppression of Women

Campaigners say curtailing of women’s rights in Afghanistan means Trump-era waiver must be removed.