6 Best Stock Trading Apps to Commence Your Investment Journey

“You wanna know what money sounds like? Go to a trading floor on Wall Street.” ~ The Wolf of the Wall Street. Remember this famous dialogue of Jorden Belfort in the movie? That was pretty much the scene until the Internet era. But now, with technological advancement, stock trading apps are making your lives easier (and richer if you know the trick of the trade!). These apps are your gateway to explore the stock market, invest, learn, and manage your portfolio at your fingertips.

Whether you are a beginner or an investment veteran, it’s important to pick the right stock trading apps that offer you the best features and help you reach your financial goals. With so many apps available, it is difficult to point at one that you can use and stick to. And to make things easier, we bring you a list of 6 good online stock trading apps with details about their features and how to use them.

Let’s deep dive now.

6 Best Online Stock Trading Apps to Try

1 Ally Invest

If you are a beginner investor in stocks or other options, Ally Invest can be your best guide. This simple platform has no minimum or recurring fees. It charges you $0 for online stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF). You will have to pay a small fee for broker-assisted trading. This app offers high-quality checking, investment and savings accounts all available on a single app. It also offers basic data and charts about stocks that will help beginners to get a hang of the stock-trading process. As a bonus, you can also create an account in Ally Bank and enjoy a bank/investment combo.

2 Robinhood

If ease-of-use is what you’re looking for in a trading app, Robinhood is a must-try. It comes with a clean design and is a great app to start for amateur investors. Akin to Ally, Robinhood, too, charges no commission fee for trading stocks, options, or ETFs. What’s more? It also gives you exposure to investing in cryptocurrency. The best about Robinhood, although it may not have great features as other apps, is simplicity. Also, it enables you to invest a fixed amount periodically, making you a consistent trader.

3 SoFi

Short form for Social Finance, SoFi is one of the best online stock trading apps for beginners. It comes packed with loans, banking, and investment features that you can explore and invest in. It’s ideal for investors looking to learn about stock trading. SoFi offers commission-free trades and fractional shares (termed as “stock bits”) in an account and requires as low as $1 minimum balance requirement. You can explore the SoFi Invest tab, browse stock and funds and decide what to buy.

4 Webull

If you are an investor with some experience in stock trading, you’ll love using Webull. It is designed for active traders, although even passive investors can use it to learn more about investing. One useful feature of Webull is the community section where you can interact with other traders and learn more about different active investing strategies. You might take some time to get accustomed to the interface, but once you get a hang of it, you will enjoy using Webull. Akin to other apps, Webull is also a no-commission platform and one of the most popular stock trading apps in the market.

5 Fidelity

Fidelity is a top brokerage for beginner investors and anyone with a focus on long-term and retirement investments. It’s full-service, with a wide range of account and investment types supported. With $0 stock and ETF trades, you get a lot of services at a low cost.

6 Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab’s Schwab Mobile is a strong all-around choice for stock traders. It comes with no account minimums and no recurring fees. You can choose between just about any type of investment account you would want and most types of investments. And for stock trades, the app is well-rounded for both beginners and experts. Schwab also offers a no-fee automated adviser, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios.


Stock trading apps are undoubtedly making investing easy and fun. But it is a good practice to understand, learn, and analyze stock markets in detail and make informed decisions.

So, are you ready to get started with investing in stocks? Let us know which is your preferred app in the comments below. Happy investing!

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