How Marketing Technology Can Enhance CX In 2022

Each day brings forth a new technology to the market – no matter which field it is. When it comes to business, the best marketing technology is the one that can bring businesses to their next customer in the shortest time. And corporations with the right tech integrations see the best results and business growth.

Let’s explore more about how it is done.

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Data collection

Gathering information that can be converted into data is much easier with technology. It can be actively or passively collected from the users directly via internet technologies, for example through direct questionnaires or cookies. Crowdsourcing and crowd seeding through marketing softwares is one way that utilizes online survey tools to gather information. Mobile technology and global positioning systems (GPS) are also feasible choices for data collection that can find the intent data of prospective customers.

Digital Acceleration

Marketing technology in the digital age has become more sophisticated with new technologies. As per Salesforce’s 7th State of Marketing report, 90% of marketers say 2020 upped digital engagement.

Digital acceleration of marketing has boosted and resurfaced the email marketing resurgence during the Covid pandemic period, a time when people meet less offline and more online. Apart from that, conducting virtual and hybrid events for campaigns is the norm. Implementation of VR and AR into business meets can prove game-changing at this point.

AI-powered Marketing

AI needs a minimum introduction to any tech-driven businesses. The best utilization of AI for marketing is the key to getting ahead in the game. It can be used to collect intent data, data analysis, deduce behavioral patterns, determine market trends, demand generation, brand promotions, create a persona base, customer communications, and much more. Perhaps the highest advantage for an enterprise in using AI is the absence of human error, making multiple tasks automated.

Enhanced User Experience

All sort of customer experience is based on the method of communication with which a lead or prospect is contacted. Marketing technology helps in bridging this gap by creating a personal touch. Client-centric communication methods ensure that each communication is unique based on their actual preferences and requirements.

Customer-centric Communications

Technologies like AI, machine learning, data analytics, or natural language processing can determine the mood, demand, behavior, and interests of prospective buyers. It can make them part of the product team. Client experience programs can generate touchpoints prospects face in their entire journey and truly become a part of the business.

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